We are excited to offer the benefits of diode laser treatments to our patients receiving orthodontic treatment. With the use of a specialized diode laser, we are able to efficiently and comfortably remove excess gum tissue. The best part is that we can usually do the entire treatment with only topical anesthetic with no need for needles or shots. We simply apply a small amount of the gel topical anesthetic to the gums for a few minutes and then remove the needed tissue with the laser. Recovery usually takes 1-3 days and patients describe the healing process similar to eating a hot cheese pizza.

Some instances where patients would benefit from the use of diode laser treatment are:


Bracket Placement

There are times where your gums have not receded to their proper and final level and we can use the laser to remove the excess gum tissue to allow proper bracket placement. This allows for efficient treatment and an improved final treatment result.

Impacted Teeth

A tooth is considered impacted if it has not erupted through the gums into the patient’s mouth. While some teeth are still within the jawbone and require surgical exposure, many teeth just have soft tissue covering them, which can be exposed with a laser. In these instances, the laser treatment can save the patient months in braces waiting on a tooth to come in.

Gingival Recontouring

Your gums or gingival margin, are the frame of your teeth and smile. When your braces are removed, we may discuss aesthetic gingival recontouring to help address excess gingival soft tissue or uneven gingival height. This can be especially helpful if you are planning on having any cosmetic dentistry after orthodontics. We usually suggest waiting at least three months after having your braces removed to have the gums recontoured to achieve the best and most stable outcome. Having a proper gum height and contour will allow your teeth to look larger and help you achieve a more balanced and symmetrical smile.