“Both of my girls had such good experiences at Strickland Orthodontics. I love looking at their beautiful smiles! The staff was super professional and easy to work with. Appointments were accommodating for our busy sports schedules.  I would highly recommend Strickland Orthodontics. They are THE BEST!”

Anna B.

Invisalign was great for me. It was life changing. I feel so good when I smile now. It’s cool because you can watch the transformation. Just wear them EXACTLY like you’re supposed to and you’ll get the results you want…I know I did!

Brittany M.

My experience with Invisalign and both Dr. Stricklands was the best decision I could have made. I was amazed at how fast my teeth straightened and confidence grew and how much more I smiled. My only regret is that I didn’t do this sooner. Thank you so much for both Dr. Stricklands for giving me a beautiful smile I didn’t know I had, and confidence I will take with me forever.


We had a wonderful experience with Dr. Strickland. I watched him with my kids and decided at age 45 to have braces myself and I don’t regret it. Whenever we smile, we are complimented on how pretty our teeth are. Thank you!

Helen C.

Havign a smile that I am confident in has been an incredible asset to me throughout my entire life. I am able to laugh and express my happiest moments through a beautiful smile, and for that I will always be thankful for Dr. Strickland and his incredible staff.

Heather K.

Both of my girl’s smiles are fabulous because of Dr. Strickland. They are complemented all the time and now love to smile. I have always had a wonderful experience and the whole staff has taken great care of my children

Lauren B.

A smile is everything. It can change anyone’s day. I love being able to freely flash my smile, and feel genuinely confident! Thanks Dr. Strickland and your team for a great smile that’ll last me a lifetime.

Natalie J.

I have truly admired Dr. Strickland’s work! Having a beautiful smile has been such a blessing to me and has given me wonderful confidence in myself. My brothers and I receive compliments all the time and I love knowing that when I smile, it is as beautiful as I feel!

I love my new smile. Dr Strickland provided and amazing service. He turned my teeth from something I was embarrassed of into something I truly love!

Destinee F.

My Experience with Strickland Orthodontics was absolutely exceptional! The staff was wonderful! And most of all, they did a beautiful job with my new SMILE! Thank you for helping me achieve a great smile!

Adam S.

My new smile makes me want to smile More! Dr Strickland is Cool and Funny. He is a great orthodontist that makes coming worth every minute!

Landon and Brook L.

We love this office. Always so friendly and clean. Dr Strickland does an excellent job with my son. Thanks for helping give my son a bright beautiful smile.

Ashley I.