10 Braces Myths Busted

Finding out that you are going to get braces can trigger a lot of thoughts. There are so many myths out there about braces that it’s hard to know what to believe. However, it is absolutely true that braces are extremely common to see on people of all ages these days. Since braces are such a normal thing in our society, it is wise to suspect that the funny tidbits you’ve heard about braces probably aren’t true or all these people wouldn’t have them.

If it were true that two people with braces can get stuck together if they kiss, then we would probably see people stuck together much more often. Here are some other common myths about braces that you don’t have to worry about.

Braces Have to Hurt to Work

It is simply not true that braces will hurt all of the time. It is true that you will feel a soreness for the first few days that you have your braces as your body is getting used to them. Some patients may also experience a slightly uncomfortable feeling after having them adjusted at the regularly scheduled appointments, but fortunately the technology that we use during your treatment allows many patients to enjoy achieving a new smile pain free. Beyond that, you should not experience any pain and should immediately call the office if you feel that you are experiencing unusual pain.

They Taste Like Metal

Your braces may feel odd in your mouth when you first get them put on but they should not have any taste. Once you get used to the feeling of having braces on your teeth, they really should not be very noticeable at all, especially as far as taste goes. If you do happen to have a metal or metallic taste in your mouth, there is most likely something stuck in your braces and you should contact the orthodontist’s office as soon as possible.

Braces Start Working Immediately

The process of orthodontic treatment is a process for a reason. It takes time for the results to be visible and patience to wait for them to do their job. Do not expect your braces to immediately straighten your teeth or fix your bite. Unfortunately, science has not come far enough to create instant gratification. Enjoy the process and soon enough you will be enjoying the smile of your dreams!

They Interfere with Radio Signals

Braces are absolutely not powerful enough to interfere with any kind of radio signal. Your body will not be turned into a human antenna when you get your braces, so crank up the radio tunes and don’t worry about a thing.

The End Date Is Guaranteed

As much as any orthodontist would love to be able to tell you the exact date that your braces will be able to come off and your beautiful smile will be revealed, it is just not possible. Following all of our instructions such as wearing rubber bands and working hard brushing and flossing to keep your teeth clean will definitely keep you on track for getting them off as soon as possible. The braces process is a huge team effort and cooperation of the patient will have a big impact on the total treatment length. The end of the treatment process can be estimated but all patients should keep in mind that he main focus is on perfecting your smile and not a specific date. We constantly aim to make the braces process as efficient as possible, but ensure the quality of the our work is always maintained.

They Set Off Metal Detectors

Braces are made of a very lightweight material that will not set off metal detectors. The titanium materials we use do not trigger the detectors so walking through airports and into concerts should not be an issue for anyone wearing braces.

Braces Are Just for Kids

No one is too old for braces. Regardless of your age, it is never too late to have the straight smile that you have always wanted. As many as 25% of the people who currently have braces are adults. The results far outlast the time spent with the braces on. They have been known to relieve many people of migraines, jaw pain, and clicking when they eat or speak. Having the benefits of a healthy and beautiful smile are worth it no matter how old you are. For adults who still would rather not have the classic braces as a treatment option, clear braces and Invisalign are also available. Clear braces work the same way that traditional metal braces do, but they provide a more esthetic and less noticeable look. Invisalign works through a series of custom made trays that gradually align teeth to the desired position and are virtually unnoticeable and offer an exceptionally comfortable option to align your teeth.

The Results Are Permanent

Braces are the best way to align your teeth properly and achieve a smile that both looks and feels great. During the braces process, you may have to wear rubber bands, expanders, or other auxiliaries to enhance your final outcome. After your treatment is over, you will be asked to continue to wear retainers in order to protect the hard work and wonderful results that were achieved by your orthodontist and yourself. Unfortunately, the human body is always changing and teeth do have the tendency to shift back into their original place after treatment is over if they are not cared for properly. Follow the instructions you are given when your braces are officially removed and you will be happy down the road when your smile is the same as when you walked out of the office.

They Increase Your Chance of Being Struck By Lightning

People who wear braces have a 1 in 700,000 chance of being struck by lightning, which just so happens to be the same statistic for people who do not have braces. The small amount of metal in your mouth in no way increases your chances so have no fear in a thunderstorm, your odds of being struck by lightning are just the same as everyone else.

They Can Rust

Today’s braces are made out of strong materials like titanium alloy and are designed to spend their time as orthodontic appliances in the oral environment. They will not rust as this is what they were made for.

Braces are a great way to fix your smile. But with how many people use braces to fix their smile, there are certain misconceptions about braces and their effects. These are ten common myths that are simply not true. If you are in need of orthodontics treatment or have ever wondered how orthodontic care could benefit the esthetics or health of your smile, call on Dr. Strickland to provide you with the smile you desire.