How Smiling Improves Your First Impression

When you smile, you tell the world and those around you that you are happy. In fact, a recent survey by the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry found that 57% of people say that a smile from a stranger makes them want to smile and can improve their day!  An astounding 88% of people say that smiling makes them feel good about themselves and improves their mood.  Unfortunately, if you have crooked teeth, an overbite or an underbite, you may be hesitant to smile and show off your teeth.  A beautiful smile that you are confident in will help improve your day as well as others that you see.  Thankfully, with help from our wonderful team at Strickland Orthodontics, you can achieve a beautiful and healthy smile that you can be proud to show off.

Why are First Impressions so Important

One of the main reasons is that they happen everyday.  Every time you meet someone you make a decision about that person based on how the interaction and conversation goes.  And in our modern society, a person’s visual appearance makes a big impact in this first meeting.  Even though we are always taught not to “judge a book by its cover,” this happens everyday from kids meeting new friends at school to human resource firms that are in charge of hiring professionals for the most prestigious companies in our country.  This snap judgment continues because it is all we have to develop an impression on the person and research has shown that they can be surprisingly accurate!  Since first impressions will always be a part of meeting new people and making new friends, we will share with you some things that will help improve your first impression!

Improve Your First Impression with a Smile

Smiling triggers the reward centers of the brain. This means that when you smile, you feel better about yourself and anyone who sees you smiling will feel better about themselves. You may even receive a smile in return, and you will make a positive first impression.

  • On the Job Interview – Job interviews can be extremely stressful. You not only need to make a good first impression, you need to be confident and highlight your skills while appearing to be at ease. If you are uncomfortable with your smile, you will be less likely to project confidence and less likely to smile, which may impact the impression you make on the interviewer. In contrast, when you have a straight, healthy smile, you will be viewed as confident, trustworthy and successful, and you will be more apt to smile more!
  • On a First Date – Meeting someone new is another area where having a confident smile can help you. When you smile upon meeting someone for the first time, you are telling them that you are at ease and glad to meet them. You are also triggering the reward center of their brain, and they will be more likely to return the smile and engage in conversation so that you may get to know each other better.
  • In Group Social Situations – One of the first things people will notice about you is your teeth and mouth. If you have crooked teeth, an overbite or an underbite, the people around you may view you as less confident and less attractive. They may even assume that you have bad oral hygiene. Straightening your teeth and corrective your improper bite can help you improve your appearance, help you feel more positive about yourself and help you make a lasting positive impression in group social situations.

Here are Some Quick Facts About Smiles and First Impressions:

  • 29% of Americans say teeth are the first facial feature noticed when meeting someone – Second to only your eyes!
  • People with straight teeth are described to be happier, friendlier, healthier, more popular, and trustworthy and have higher self-esteem than people with crooked teeth.
  • 38% would consider not going on a second date with someone who has misaligned teeth.  
  • People with straight teeth are 58% more likely to have professional success and to be hired with compared with someone with a similar skill-set.
  • Individuals with straight teeth are thought of as earning a higher salary than those with crooked teeth.

Correcting Common Dental Problems with Braces

There are many common dental problems that can cause dental health and esthetic concerns for you. Orthodontic care using aligners or braces can help correct a variety of dental problems, including crooked teeth, gaps, underbites, overbites and crossbites. They accomplish this by slowly adjusting the position of your teeth until they are in their ideal locations, and with the recent advancements in teeth straightening technology, there are more choices than ever when it comes to choosing the right braces for your teeth so that you can make a good first impression while improving the appearance of your teeth.

Selecting the best appliance for YOU!

When many children, teenagers and adults think about braces, their minds immediately show them images of adolescents and young adults with a mouth full of metal, wearing headgear.  I mean, this is how almost every orthodontic patient is portrayed in TV shows and movies! While metal braces are still available, there are other alternatives that are less noticeable. In our office, the metal braces are manufactured from titanium and this gives us many advantages over standard stainless steel braces. These braces are very small and comfortable and the titanium allows them to be exceptionally durable!  You can also select the color of the ties at each appointment so your smile can always be fashionable! Click here( to find out more about why we use these braces!

If you are more concern with esthetics, you now have the option of using crystal clear ceramic braces or aligners (Invisalign).  Both of these options allow you to achieve the benefits of orthodontic care while being less noticeable.  Clear braces are a great option for teens and adults that want to straighten their teeth while minimizing the noticeability of their braces. Clear braces are manufactured from ceramic and completely clear, which reduces the appearance of the braces so that you can correct your teeth in a more aesthetic fashion.

In our practice, we have worked very hard to become very proficient at providing exceptional care with removable aligners like Invisalign.  Our experience and clinical expertise has given us the ability to offer Invisalign to many different patients and still achieve the quality outcome that our patients have been accustomed to.  Invisalign is a series of custom fitted aligners that fit over your teeth and each aligner has a small amount of movement built in.  The material is similar to a retainer but has some stretch, which allows your teeth to move with less discomfort.  Invisalign allows you to address your smile concerns while having minimal impact on your lifestyle and eating habits!  Strickland Orthodontics is South Alabama’s leading Invisalign provider and successfully uses Invisalign to correct minor to very complex bite problems. Please click here if you are interested in learning more about Invisalign care at our office! (

First impressions are very important in our modern society.  They are not always correct or even fair, but people make judgments of people every day based on a first impression that might only last a few minutes.   Your smile plays an important part of having a great first impression with friends or in a professional setting.  A beautiful and healthy smile gives you confidence and helps others see the real you!

To learn more about our wonderful office and how orthodontic care could improve your smile and first impressions, call us today.