Snack Safety with Braces

Braces can be a big adjustment. Not only for your teeth, but for your eating habits as well. At first, your teeth may be a little sore and soft foods are what feel best to snack on. After the first couple of days of having braces, it will no longer feel strange to have the braces on your teeth and you will be back to your usual routine, your normal days, but not snacking the same. You should proceed with some caution when it comes to which foods you chomp down on with your braces because certain foods can actually be extremely disruptive to the appliances.

The main guidelines you should follow when it comes to safe snacking with braces is that you should avoid anything that you think could possibly break a bracket, get stuck in your braces, or be difficult to chew. Here are some suggestions of what to snack on with braces and what to avoid.

Best Snacks for Braces


Not only does yogurt not require much chewing, it is a dental superfood. The probiotics in yogurt are beneficial for gums and teeth because the active cultures slow down the growth of cavity causing bacteria. It is also high in calcium, which helps keep your teeth strong and prevents tooth decay.

Hard boiled eggs

These are a great snack for on the go because they are portable, easy to chew, and great for your teeth and bones. Eggs contain vitamin D which promotes the absorption of calcium in the blood. One large hard-boiled egg can provide 45 units of vitamin D and help strengthen those pearly whites.


Whether you make one at home or pick one up on the go, choose a smoothie that contains leafy vegetables and nut butter. Vegetables such as spinach and kale are nutritional powerhouses that your body uses to form tooth enamel. Nuts are rich in vitamins and minerals that protect teeth from decay, and can also stimulate the production of saliva. Add a scoop of almond or peanut butter to add healthy creaminess to your smoothie. This snack requires no chewing and offers tons of benefits for teeth on the move.


Although bananas have a high sugar content, they are actually quite beneficial for the teeth and are a extremely easy and braces friendly snack. They contain a great deal of water, which can actually dilute the effects of the sugar content. For those who are highly active and have braces, bananas are the perfect quick source of energy that won’t get stuck in the brackets.

Snacks to Avoid with Braces


Try avoiding this crunchy food and opt for a different movie theatre snack. The kernels of popcorn are easily trapped in between the wires and brackets of braces and can cause damage from the food and also from trying to pick the kernels out. If you have a craving for salty or cheesy, go for small cheese crackers or a softer granola bar option. If you are at home, you can also try the hulless popcorn you received in your care packet.

Hard candies

These sweet treats can pack a big punch when finally chewed down on and that can cause major damage to braces. Stay away from lollipops, jawbreakers, and taffy while braces are on, one wrong bite and they may land you an appointment to have bracket repairs.

Whole apples

Apples are an excellent source of nutrition for your mouth and your whole body, so if you do want to snack on an apple and have braces, just cut it up into bite size pieces. The real damage with apples comes when they are bitten into whole. This can wreak havoc on wires and brackets and cause a great deal of pain if those come in contact with the gums. Take some extra time and chop the apple up, it will be worth it.

Raw carrots

This healthy snack can definitely have you asking, “wassup, doc?” if bitten into with braces. Carrots can be very hard when raw and can easily break brackets and wires. If you are in the mood for some carrots, try them cooked or cut into smaller bite size pieces so they make less contact with your braces.

Beef jerky

The tough material that beef jerky becomes can easily cause problems with braces. It is not exactly easy to chew and the tearing motion that occurs when beef jerky is eaten is just begging for brackets and wires to come loose. Avoid the jerky during the braces process and enjoy cooked meats until you are braces free and ready to tear into the next strip of beef with no worries.