Titanium Braces


At Strickland Orthodontics, we utilize the Titanium Orthos bracket system (in our opinion the finest appliance system available) to assist in providing the most efficient and precise treatment possible. The Orthos system is the first computer-engineered, coordinated archwire system of braces and wires, which was designed for the purpose of eliminating the common challenges that arise through everyday treatment. This allows us to treat our patients to a precision finish more effectively and efficiently. Our goal is to help you achieve the best outcome as efficiently as possible while disrupting your day-to-day life and schedule as little as possible. The Orthos Appliance system helps us achieve this goal.

Due to its strength, flexibility, durability, resistance to corrosion, and biocompatibility, titanium is ideal for many different industries, including orthodontics. With Titanium Orthos, the ability to create tooth-specific pad shapes and contours makes the placement of the pads much easier and more efficient than ever before. The use of titanium over stainless steel means there will be less mid-treatment repositioning, and studies have shown that the use of titanium has resulted in 85% less bond failures. Some of the features of the Titanium Orthos that make it the best appliance system available include a teardrop design, larger pad size, and a funneled slot opening. The teardrop design allows for minimal occlusal interference, something that can cause problems such as TMD. The larger pad size increases the bonding strength to increase effectiveness. The funneled slot opening allows the wire to easily engage without adding to the size. This makes the system more comfortable for the patient.


  • Greater Comfort: Unique stored energy properties of titanium allow the brackets to store up to 40% of the wire’s force and gently deliver the load throughout treatment.
  • More Accurate Placement: Tooth-specific pad shapes and contours allow for faster and more-accurate placement and more efficient treatment.
  • Smaller Braces: Lower profile brackets allow for less irritation and discomfort during treatment.
  • Stronger Bond: Due to Titanium’s chemical affinity to adhesives and superior shock absorbency, the brackets are more strongly bonded to the teeth.
  • Biocompatible & Corrosion-free: 70 times more corrosion resistant than stainless steel.