The Strickland Difference

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We realize choosing an orthodontist is a major decision, and we want you to feel confident in your selection to join our Family of Strickland Smiles. We have several programs in place to make sure you receive the needed and necessary treatment and enjoy your fresh new smile for years to come.

Progressive Techniques Meets Conservative Treatment

Worried that you’ll need the works? Maybe you’re already a little apprehensive about starting orthodontic treatment? We want you to rest assured that we would never suggest any care for you or your family that we would not recommend to our own. We plan our treatments with conservative care to avoid unnecessary procedures like tooth extractions or surgery whenever possible. We are experts in dental development, facial growth and getting the teeth to fit together properly, so you’ll get an aesthetically pleasing smile along with dental benefits to last a lifetime. We also practice preventive and active guidance for children to help ensure teeth come in correctly and prevent many major problems from occurring. We review our treatment goals and plan to accomplish our perfect smile in one phase of braces when able. This reduces total time and cost of orthodontic care by 30% or more! That means less time in braces and more money in your pocket.

Superior Technology Means Superior Outcomes


Invisalign aligners

Top-of-the-line bracket systems

3D digital scanners

The use of this cutting-edge technology allows us to plan more precise care, meaning you’ll receive the best possible outcome in less time!

Hero Program

We believe in supporting our community, especially those who protect, heal, and teach.

That’s why we offer a $500 courtesy to police officers, firefighters, EMTs, military, and teachers. We see the sacrifice you make every day to make our community better and we want to show our appreciation. Thank you for all that you do!
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Smile Guarantee

You’ve put in the hard work to take care of your teeth during treatment, and we want to make sure you’re 100% satisfied before you finish up. That’s why we’ve got a whole appointment dedicated to making sure you’re thrilled with your smile before we schedule your appliance removal. Need a last minute adjustment? No problem! We’ll get it taken care of! We’ll also discuss retainers with you to make sure we pick the retainer that best suits your particular orthodontic needs and lifestyle.
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Shift Happens

Smile Protection Plan

Have you noticed any shifting in your teeth? It does happen, and that’s why we’ve got a plan for you. We encourage life-long retainer wear and this plan allows you to always have an extra set of retainers! But when SHIFT happens, we’ll get you straightened back up and smiling in no time. For our patients, 
we offer a courtesy off of the standard fee so you can get back to 
smiling confidently.
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Becoming A Lifetime Patient

So you’re done with treatment, your retainers are fitting great, and you’re smiling more confidently than ever. Fantastic! But what happens when your retainer wears out or you have a question or concern? We never charge a visit fee or copay to come in and let us check your retainer; in fact, we encourage you to come in 3 months and 1 year post-treatment. If you do need a replacement retainer, we charge you what it costs us to make them and no more.
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100% Smile Guarantee!

We are so confident you will love your new smile we help you create — We guarantee it!

Beautiful Smiles Faster

With our expertise and technology, our patient's treatment finished 3–6 months faster than the national average.

Flexible Financing

We work with you to help you create your 100% customizable financing plan.

Select an Expert!

Crafting beautiful, healthy smiles is what we do everyday. Select the experts that other leading dental professionals trust for themselves and their families!

Convenient Appointments

With 5 locations in Baldwin County and office hours Monday through Friday, you have the flexibility to schedule when and where you need.