Accelerated Orthodontics


Creating the confidence you deserve in LESS time with FEWER appointments and MORE comfort!
We know that you want a beautiful and confident smile but we also understand that your time is extremely valuable and schedules are always full! With our expertise and investment in improved technology, we have options that will allow you to experience your new, confident smile in less time! At Strickland Orthodontics, we are always striving to use the latest technology to ensure that we are providing the best orthodontic experiences and outcomes available for our families. This technology increases the biological rate of tooth movement which allows us to reduce the duration of your care and number of appointments by up to 50%!

Accelerated Orthodontics
Accelerated orthodontics describes methods that allow tooth movement and high quality orthodontic care to be completed in a shorter timeframe. This happens by increasing the rate of tooth movement by 25%-50% and the activity of cells around your teeth. This is done without reducing the quality of care or providing a limited outcome. There are two main techniques that we use at Strickland Orthodontics. A procedure called Propel uses Micro-Osteoperforations to create mini-dimples in the bone around the teeth to increase the metabolism in these areas which safely accelerates tooth movement. We also use a device called VPro5 which uses high frequency vibrations to increase the cellular activity around the teeth and accelerate tooth movement.

Propel is a FDA-approved orthodontic procedure which creates Micro-Osteoperforations, or mini-dimples, in the bone surrounding the teeth to safely accelerate tooth movement. This understanding of biology used to increase the rate of tooth movement has been utilized for over 25 years but in years past has only been achievable with extensive surgery. Propel is a procedure that requires only a topical anesthetic so we will not even have to give you a shot!

VPro5 is a small, hand-held appliance for patients with Invisalign that fits similar to a mouth guard and uses high frequency vibrations to increase the cellular activity around the teeth. When used five minutes per day, the device can increase the quality of aligner fit by allowing the teeth to track better in the aligner. This can shorten time between aligner changes resulting in a shorter treatment time. In addition to an increased rate of tooth movement, the appliance also decreases discomfort of treatment. Sounds like a win-win!

Virtual Treatment Monitoring
Your time is valuable and always more limited than we’d wish. With school, sports, and schedules, utilizing a doctor-driven, online monitoring system can be much more convenient and allow more consistent supervision of your care. Using our virtual monitoring system on your phone can also reduce the number of office visits to just a few each year!

Virtual Treatment Monitoring utilizes technology and high quality video and photos to monitor your treatment progress with virtual appointments rather than in-office appointments. This method ensures your new smile is progressing as planned while significantly increasing your flexibility with your busy schedule. If school or work schedules require a need for minimizing in-office appointments, this could be a great option for your care!